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John Oliver Delivered A Stunning Takedown Of Australian Culture

There's a koala in danger!

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By now you'll surely have heard how the Australian government threatened to kill Johnny Depp's dogs. Now the always brilliant John Oliver has stepped it up a notch on "Last Week Tonight" saying Americans are coming for pay-back.

HBO/This Week Tonight

They want everything Australian removed from the U.S. in the next 50 hours, including Vegemite ("which tastes like a kangaroo did a salty shit in a jar") and Aussie music, like Midnight Oil. Also Rupert Murdoch and Mel Gibson.

HBO/This Week Tonight

A menacing voice-over pointed out that the only Australian celebrity who can stay is Hugh Jackman because "he's delightful, he can sing, dance" and he's also Wolverine.

In the same way that Depp's dogs were given a literal deadline, Australia now has 50 hours or this baby koala will be shot

HBO/Last Week Tonight

Your move Australian government! Save the koala and somehow remove the Australian-born Rupert Murdoch from American shores!

In the meantime, watch John Oliver's amazing Aussie bashing segment here.

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