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Wil Anderson Went On A Drunk Twitter Rant During Tony Abbott's Press Conference

Lesson: Always drink and tweet.

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As Tony Abbott strode into the prime minister's courtyard on Tuesday to announce details of the government's citizenship proposals, he was flanked by no fewer than 10 (!!) Australian flags.

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The multiplying flags have become a recurring joke for political tragics and, according to The Guardian Australia, yesterday's "10-flagger" was an all-time high.

And in a pool somewhere in Hawaii, comedian Wil Anderson was watching. Apparently he was also drunk and ready to unleash a titanic stream of tweets from the comfort of his sun bed.

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Tony Abbott should at least have to have as many women in his Cabinet as he has flags at his press conferences...



My fear is a terrorist will assassinate the PM by cleverly disguising himself as a flag...


Tony Abbott to sister: "No, I said I'm working on legislation to let flags marry!"


Interesting fact: Once a Tony Abbott presser features 11 flags he gets sued by Spinal Tap...


If you put a cup at the bottom of each flag the PM could do his presser in and get in nine holes of golf...



I don't know what the PM will do if someone tries to sneak a boatload of Australian flags into the country...


Btw it's not like I don't love my country, I'm just flagnostic...


Abbott calls press conference to announce billions will be allocated into research to develop flags that are activated by coal...


Technically three of the flags are to make sure no one dares take a photo of Peta Credlin...



The Tony Abbott club sandwich: White bread, foot, 10 tiny flags...


PM calls for ABC to replace #qanda with new series Flagony Aunts...


Somewhere in North Korea Kim Jong-un tunes into a Tony Abbott press conference, wipes a solitary tear from his eye and whispers "touché"


"It would have been fifty flags if it hadn't been for Labor's debt and deficit disaster"



Actually now that I think about it the flag thing is probs just part of our trade deal with China...


Tony Abbott is like Pinocchio except that instead of his nose growing they add an extra flag...


Bill Shorten responds to PM's press conference in usual style: "Um, we also think flags are good, but only say 8 of them"


Personally I can't wait for the election campaign when Tony puts on a yellow vest and eats a whole flag at once...



I'm guessing I'm the only person sitting around this hotel pool in Hawaii tweeting about flags...


"If you like it then you better put a flag on it" - beyoncabbott


Moore's Law but for Tony Abbott and flags...


22. And he comes home with a belter...

Underneath the Southern Cross we stand, your metadata in our hand, we love free speech but it must be banned, Straya you fucking beauty...

Let that be a listen to us all... drinking unlocks the creative process.