19 Reasons We Are All Nick Kyrgios

Greece, speed lines and pizza. Tennis has a new sensation.

19-year-old Aussie Nick Kyrgios has shocked Spanish world number one Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon in one of the great upsets.

And although it wasn’t a cake-walk, Kyrgios was chill enough to hit winners like this.

“Are you not entertained??!!”

Kyrgios is the first player outside the top 100 to defeat a world number one at a major tournament in 22 years!

1. Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios loves Greece because his father Giorgio is Greek.

2. Nick Kyrgios has divided loyalties at the World Cup.

Australia, you're up. #lezzgooo

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)

3. Nick Kyrgios’ idol is Roger Federer…. who won his first Grand Slam when Kyrgios was nine years old.

Epic. #experience

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)

4. He was a bit chubs in his youth… but kept balling with Wu Tang.

“@stu_fraser: Some nice lines from Nick Kyrgios' mum on how he first started http://t.co/jEADstwc3e ” #greatread

— Paul McNamee (@PaulFMcNamee)


6. And sweet raspberries.

Not many things better. #raspberries

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)

7. When it comes to choosing Beats, he loves pink.

London bound. Love this guy so much! #Bro #Hench #LebronFace #EuroStar #Beats #Almonds

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)

Do you all remember this moment?#atmosphere #Beats #nike

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)

All pink everything.

The Kyrgios power salute

8. His speed lines are sharper than his backhand

Miss this cut. #trademark

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)

Fresh fresh lines

…and sometimes embraces “The Beaver Tail”

9. He plays a lot of FIFA

Kyrgios vs @andrew_whitt93 - sorry bro had to do it!! #floodgates #kyrgioswins

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)

Spending the morning playing Call of Duty & Fifa online. Good old days. #relax

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)

10. He’s stoked he’s not flying economy

Let it begin. Davis Cup with the bro. @TKokkinakis

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)

11. He’s a big fan of the suit-mirror selfie

Davis Cup dinner.

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)

12. He plays basketball with his mates

13. His best mate is fellow Greek-Australian tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis

14. He takes his sister to red carpet events

15. He loves playing for Australia

16. He loves the throwback tennis look

17. He’s great with kids

18. …and some kids love him

other kids are less enthused

19. He’s swag… but won’t admit it

"I've been told I have swag but to be honest I don't really know what that is" says @NickKyrgios #humble #NKrising

— TennisAustralia (@TennisAustralia)

… but we know better

We’ll be watching Kyrgios play Canadian 8th seed Milos Raonic, Thursday morning at 2am AEST… we have a new favourite tennis player Australia!

Matthew Stockman / Getty

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