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Someone Posted The Liberal Party's Domains And They're Very Revealing

Take a seat because this is going to get ~wild~

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Ok get this. The Liberal party of Australia has been registering domain names and setting up their internal database using the name "Hermes Endakis" - the villain from 90s childrens show Ship to Shore.


Twitter user @ellipsil was able to uncover the totally bizarre alias after it was revealed yesterday the Liberal party's internal database is named "Jeparit Town" for the birthplace of Sir Robert Menzies.

It turns out the person registering the "Jeparit Town" database goes by the name Hermes Endakis, aka the bumbling security guard who was always being out-run by pesky kids on Ship to Shore.

If that wasn't weird enough, it gets juicy...

The Hermes Endakis email address also registered dozens of political domains including, and an absurd number of addresses related to dumped defence minister Kevin Andrews.

*really* weird. the pseudonym behind Liberal Party websites is "Hermes Endakis" from 90s TV show "Ship to Shore"

It turns out the party has been sitting on a bunch of domains for Andrews, including and, which will only raise more eyebrows about the leadership ambitions of the right-wing warrior.

But @ellipsii's digging revealed that the Liberal party also was actively undermining its leader Malcolm Turnbull back in 2009.

On November 13, 2009, Malcolm Turnbull was opposition leader and the leader of the federal Liberal party. He was facing down a right-wing revolt within the parliamentary party.

That day, the federal secretary of the Liberal Party registered the website Savage.

Two weeks later, Tony Abbott challenged Malcolm for the leadership and won by one vote.

Then there's the domain registered, which is obviously a reference to whether the next generation of submarines will be built in South Australia.

hey @cpyne does this mean the subs are being built in SA or no?

The Liberal party set up the address at the start of last year with South Australian MPs lobbying vigorously to have the 12 submarines built in their home state. The $50 billion defence spend has become a key election issue.

So either the party set-up because it would be part of the election campaign, OR more sneakily, they've got it so Labor can't have it. The address is registered through till 2017.

Finally it turns out that one month after Tony Abbott was dumped as prime minister, federal Liberal party director Brian Loughnane registered the domain name

Brian Loughnane owns

Loughnane, who quit his post as Liberal party director, appears to have set-up the website for his wife and former chief of staff Peta Credlin.

Credlin has now been hired by Sky News to be a pundit throughout the 2016 election. But does the domain hint at larger political ambitions?

It turns out the Liberal Party, sorry Hermes Endakis, has been busy parking domains over many years and they reveal a lot about the past and future.

Now, here's the Ship to Shore theme (arguably one of the best themes in Australian TV history).

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UPDATE 1630 AEST: A federal Liberal party spokesman confirmed to BuzzFeed News that its alias Hermes Endakis had been buying up domains.

"Dating back some years, certain domain names have been registered for the Liberal Party using a placeholder name.

There is no truth to the rumour that Mr Endakis will be working as a security guard for us during this year's election campaign."

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