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Here's The Email Proving Trump Is Completely Shady On The Refugee Deal

It seems ABC News is vindicated.

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Yesterday, ABC News correspondent Zoe Daniel said she'd been told by an unnamed White House official that the deal, which would see more than 1,200 refugees who are currently being detained by the Australian government settled in the United States, was up in the air.

Senior politicians, including prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, threw shade at the report and criticised the ABC's journalism.

Malcolm Turnbull says Donald Trump gave him an "assurance" Australia's #asylumseeker deal with the US is still on.…

“[It's] anonymous and no one’s seen [the source]," Turnbull told ABC 7:30's Stan Grant. "We have to raise the standards of journalism here.”

Immigration minister Peter Dutton went on morning radio and accused the ABC of being part of the "hate media".

Dutton also blamed the "hate media" - including the ABC - for willing the deal to fail #auspol #uspol

BuzzFeed News has seen the email chain between the ABC and White House, which confirms that Trump hasn't made up his mind yet on whether to honour the deal.

"The President is still considering whether or not he will move forward with this deal at this time," reads the email from a White House press secretary.

"He is considering doing it because of the long and good relationship we have with Australia."

Since then an explosive Washington Post report has been published that claims Trump called the refugee arrangement the "worst deal ever" in the phone call with Turnbull and accused Australia of seeking to export the "next Boston bombers".

The report claims Turnbull told Trump that "honouring" the deal would only involve the US vetting the refugees, not necessarily resettling them.

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