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The Greatest Feminist Speech In Modern Australian History Has Been Turned Into A Tea Towel

Do the washing up with the greatest feminist speech in modern Australian history.

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The most popular item at this weekend's Labor conference isn't a selfie with Penny Wong or a Paul Keating cooking apron (which you can actually get)... it's a tea towel printed with the immortal words of Julia Gillard's "misogyny speech".

The women's fundraising group Emily's List Australia is selling the towels for $25 a pop on the sidelines of the conference.

BuzzFeed News was confused at the message it might be sending i.e. you could literally do the washing up with Gillard's famous feminist speech. So we asked them about it.

"Oh yeah, the irony, it's hilarious right?" said Leonie Morgan from Emily's List Australia.

Leonie Morgan said Australia's first female prime minister was one of the founding members of the group and helped write the its constitution.

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