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Turnbull’s New Social Media Manager Once Resigned Over A Hitler Parody

Remember Downfall parodies?!

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Those who follow Australia's prime minister on social media will have noted he's been struggling recently. There was that time he posted an Instagram photo with his staffers' brainstorm as the caption.

And there was the shaky, grainy video of Turnbull speaking to a pub, posted to Twitter without a caption.

For those wondering, the deleted tweet was a shaky 27secs video of him speaking in a pub with no caption.

Thomas Tudehope, head of digital at conservative campaigning organisation Crosby Textor Group, worked with Turnbull when the latter was federal opposition leader.

Tudehope has been re-hired to take control of the prime minister's digital strategy.

The video cast now-federal Liberal MP Alex Hawke as Hitler, getting enraged about a state party factional dispute.

The Downfall parody led to not just one, but TWO resignations!

Remember when Downfall parodies were a thing?!

Tudehope went from Turnbull's office while NSW Liberal staffer Charles Perrottet also resigned.

Perrottet is the younger brother of Dominic Perrottet, who has recently been elevated to treasurer in the NSW government.

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