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This Front-Page Young Property Tycoon Is Actually A Liberal Party Member

"Self made millionaire" Zaki Ameer is warning everyone against Labor's "negative gearing" policy and really, it's not that surprising.

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It's the story of Zaki Ameer who owns 15 negatively geared properties. Ameer makes the argument that Labor's new proposal to place restrictions on negative gearing would lead to ~mass panic~ of Australia's all-powerful property investors.

"Investors buy properties in run down areas and improves them. This creates construction jobs and rental accomodation. The Labor plans would really scare people. My clients are freaking out," he told the AFR.

tl;dr negative gearing is a big government tax scheme that allows people to use losses on home investments to reduce their income tax bill. Labor has laid out a plan that would mean Australians could only "negative gear" on brand new homes.


Instead he thinks the Liberal government's suggestion to rein in the "excessive use of negative gearing" is the way to go. He points to treasurer Scott Morrison's plan, which is set to be unveiled next week at the National Press Club.

But really, there might be a pretty simple explanation for Ameer's desire to put across the Liberal plan on tax reform.

Ameer's post complains about Sydney's lockout laws and is seen in the video belting out a karaoke rendition of Psy's classic "Gangnam Style" while ripping open his shirt.

"Will be bringing this up in a few days on the next Liberal get together with the PM," reads the caption.

BuzzFeed News has sent Zaki Ameer questions about his links to the Liberal party and whether he has talked to the PM about negative gearing or lockouts this week.

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