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This Streaker Looks Like Every Douche At Every Festival Ever

Gym shorts? Check. Bare-chested dad bod? Check.

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Cricket is a slow game. No one can argue with that. So it's no surprise the crowd was getting antsy when Australia's formidable cricketers were bullying English county, Kent in the first Ashes warm-up game.

Reuters Staff / Reuters

Oh, no, wait, WE HAVE A STREAKER.... in a tent??!!!

We have a streaker! The stewards are on quick to remove the man with a tent! #KENvAUS #Ashes2015

Oh dear yes, it's a streaker in a tent.

Mitchell Gunn / Getty Images

It's not so much that self-styled "prankster" Disco Boy not even nude, it's that he was wearing the uniform of every terrible bloke at a festival.

Mitchell Gunn / Getty Images

Canvas shoes, ear-flap beanie, bare-chested, gym shorts, dad bod... look you couldn't make this up.


You know them. We all do. Throw them in the mud.