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    A Healthy Lamb Has Been Born With Two Heads And It's Weirdly Adorable

    And his name is Two Face.

    New Zealand is a country well-known for its love of sheep... now it's birthing healthy lambs with two heads!


    The lamb was born four days ago at the Slope Point Backpackers Accomodation in Invercargill and has been named... wait for it... "Two Face".

    According to the New Zealand Herald, the property owner Justine Parker saw the mother giving birth alone and "the lamb actually fell into the creek" and needed to be saved.


    "I thought: 'Oh, the back of his head looks a bit strange'. And I turned it round and wow. I just thought: 'Heck, what's this'?" she told the NZ Herald.

    BuzzFeed spoke to Ms Parker by phone on Tuesday, who said life is back to normal though and she's been busy on the property since the birth last week.


    Two Face's has four eyes (two of which are merged in the middle and do not blink) and when his mouth on the left side drinks milk, the tongue on the right moves also.

    Ms Parker told NZ Herald that she's heard of similar deformities but they had not lived longer than a day.


    "The kids and I know that he's not going to live for long...but we're giving him a chance just like any other lamb."

    Good luck Two Face! Don't let your deformity get to ewe!!

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