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The Definitive Ranking Of Every Blue Tie Tony Abbott Wore In 2014

He blue himself.

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Tony Abbott has stuck to a rigid routine throughout 2014: wake up, put on a suit and saddle up with one of his many blue ties. That's right, if you haven't noticed Mr Abbott nearly always wears BLUE ties.

The insistence can be traced back to June last year when then Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave a speech about what would happen if Mr Abbott won the upcoming election:

"I invite you to imagine it, a prime minister, a man with a blue tie, who goes on holidays to be replaced by a man in a blue tie, a treasurer who delivers a budget wearing a blue tie, to be supported by a finance minister, another man in a blue tie, women once again banished from the centre of Australia's political life."

As the ABC's Jonathan Green put it: "No longer a tie, now a permanent reminder in a swathe of silk of all that he replaced. Because that's what Tony Abbott is wearing round his neck, day in, day out, in every public appearance: a small strip of cloth that says "Julia Gillard.""


So what have been his greatest blue hits and his biggest blueish misses?


11. The royal blue tie.

Saeed Khan/AFP / Getty Images

Pros: Contrasts well with Prince William's muted shade of red.

Cons: Mr Abbott's double windsor is outshining his royal colleague's single abomination.