Tony Abbott Says Islam Must Separate Religion From Violence

Adelaide protestors break barricades.

1. Australian PM Tony Abbott tonight gave a keynote foreign affairs speech. Referring to recent horrific ISIS atrocities in Iraq and Syria, he said he hoped Islam “finally dissociates religion from the use of force.”

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Prime Minister Abbott’s speech at the University of Adelaide was interrupted by student protestors who chanted anti-government slogans and at the end of the speech were held back by police horses.

“This might turn out to be the time when Islam, like Christianity before it, finally dissociates religion from the use of force,” Mr Abbott told the auditorium.

The Prime Minister today met with Australia’s Muslim leaders to get them on side with proposed changes to anti-terror laws, described as ‘being part of Team Australia’.

“Perhaps this will turn out to be the moment when Australians come to appreciate that the Muslims among us much more often have our perspectives than those of the protagonists in foreign wars,” he said.

Today some Islamic groups refused to meet with Mr Abbott and a statement condemning the new laws appeared, claiming they unfairly targeted Muslims.

2. Student protestors successfully broke through fences to the university auditorium, but were driven back by mounted police.

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Mark Di Stefano is a political editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.
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