Australians Flood The Streets To Vent Anger Over The Government’s Budget

Big protests around Australia against the controversial 2014 budget.

1. Another Sunday, another day of protests in Australia against the Federal Government’s 2014 budget.

AAP / Paul Miller

2. The rallies were co-ordinated by Australia’s major unions and those that took part rallied around #bustthebudget.

3. Thousands attended rallies in Sydney and Melbourne…. In the Victorian capital people marched to state parliament.

4. In the nation’s capital a terrifying Tony Abbott puppet was swamped by grey skies and “broken promises”.

5. And his pants were on fire of course.

6. They worked really hard on those cheekbones.

About 250 people & a giant Tony Abbott puppet at a rally against #budget cuts at Parliament. #Canberra

— Melissa Clarke (@Clarke_Melissa)

7. In Newcastle, the Greens Senator Lee Rihannon spoke to a peaceful crowd about budget cuts to health and education.

800+ Newcastle #bustthebudget crowd. Thanks Gary Kennedy. Powerful speakers pushing One term Tony.

— Lee Rhiannon (@leerhiannon)

8. And in Sydney, major streets like George St were shut down for a march.

So many people! #bustthebudget in Sydney.

— Kierra (@BattyLacquer)

9. There was also a rally in Adelaide, with Labor Senator Penny Wong in attendance.

#bustthebudget Adelaide

— Senator Penny Wong (@SenatorWong)

10. The unlikely hero of the day was Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig, you'd have to think is one of the more unlikely political mascots, here at #bustthebudget rally again

— mat_dunckley (@mat_dunckley)

11. Who led the Melbourne march with a plea to avoid ABC cuts.

Peppa pig busting some budget #bustthebudget #oink

— Mike Collins (@mikecollo)

12. The rally even stopped a wedding! But they were clearly saying “I do” to #bustthebudget.

13. Under grey skies in Melbourne… placards became umbrellas.

NTEU Vic Division at Vic parliament #bustthebudget #ourcommunitycounts

— NTEU Victoria (@NTEUVictoria)

14. Police were advised to prepare for the #bustthebudget rallies… with some recent anti-government protests ending badly.

The green machine. Melb #bustthebudget

— red wombat (@redwombat101)

15. Not today though…

Good thing the police are protecting parliament from these union thugs! #bustthebudget #auspol #sarcasm

— Evan McHugh (@LoserMcHugh)

16. And the sign-game of those that attended was as strong as ever.

#auspol RT @Taradb: Love this sign at #bustthebudget 'Australia unsettled since Sept 2013'

— orly (@orrllyy)

17. Many of the signs played on pre-election promises/commitments/core-non-core promises.

“@jillyfrees: Pinnochio ain't got nothing on you - #bustthebudget ”

— DavidJTwomey (@DavidJTwomey)

18. Others were less backward in coming forward.

19. Signs trying to cut to the bone.

Budget Shugglers? #bustthebudget

— Matthew Hall (@aDB)

20. Others made their point with Australian flags and spirax notepads.

21. These guys took #bustthebudget literally.

#bustthebudget Melbourne rally

— Karolina Franczak (@Karolina_F)

22. And others reverted to acrostic sign making.

#auspol #bustthebudget

— Jane Salmon (@JSalmonupstream)

23. Australia’s “more mature” crowd weren’t going to miss out on the action.

Plenty of support from the more mature crowd, let's stick up for our pensioners. A fair go for all #bustthebudget

— P A (@tnsprofpunter)

24. And they were willing to embrace their senior status.

Troops gathering at Sydney town hall #BustTheBudget

— Stephanie Wood (@StephanieAWood1)

25. Young people were well represented and ready to make their voices heard.

I'm here for the seniors and disabled who can't be. #BustTheBudget

— Count Hex a-Lot (@elronxenu)

26. With a familiar theme to avoid American style welfare, health and education policies.

Haves and have nots! #bustthebudget

— Tamika Hicks (@hicks_tamika)

27. Education cuts have energised young people.

Ready to #bustthebudget in Sydney #gonski

— I give a Gonski (@igiveagonski)

28. And the university lecturers who showed up in numbers.

Massive NTEU contingent at the #BustTheBudget marching against cuts to higher education and core social services

— Jane McGrath (@JaneSarpax)

29. And commit to a more fairer budget.

One of the Australians the Murdoch media likes to call 'Radical, Dangerous Leftists' at #BustTheBudget, Melb #auspol

— News Australia (@NewsAustralia)

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Mark Di Stefano is a political editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.
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