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This Guy Broke Into Tears Over Australia's Asylum Seeker Debate


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"You're supposed to listen to us!" yelled Matthew from the bleachers.

Someone in the crowd told him, "calm down," and he snapped back, "I WILL NOT CALM DOWN!"

His anguished response summed up the sense of betrayal that many in Labor's left were feeling.

BuzzFeed News: Matthew can you just tell me why you are against turnbacks and why you are so upset?

Matthew: This is highly unpopular on social media. I haven't seen anyone say they are supporting turnbacks online. It's inhumane, it's against international law and it will be challenged in the High Court if they do attempt to do it. We should not be giving the public any more of a view that both parties are the same, we're not! But this shows a massive move to the right on immigration and we're vacating the field on this and we are making it a lot harder for activists to keep fighting against it. The membership are against it, there should have been a vote on that. People should put their names to this decision. They tried a procedural backflip instead of having to have that roll call. People on that floor wanted that count. It should have occurred. I want to see people put their names to this piece of history that just occurred in there.

Buzzfeed News: What makes you so upset about it?

Matthew: No accountability. If you're going to say you think turnbacks should be an option, I want you to put your name to it. I want to know what the exact numbers are. It seems to me there are some within the party who don't want you to know what the numbers are. Too much of what we do is driven from how the media spin it. And we should be more courageous than that.

Matthew's tearful, furious rant in which he calls for Labor to be different to the Abbott government can be seen below. It's worth the watch.

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