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This Journalist Gave An Incredible Eye Roll While A Conservative Pundit Questioned Vaccines

The transitions... BRAVO.

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Australia is currently having a dangerous debate about the government's "no jab, no pay" mandatory vaccination program after far right political leader Pauline Hanson said parents should "investigate" themselves before inoculating their children.

.@RossCameron4 says he accepts that there may be a link between autism and vaccinations. MORE…

So, in walks former federal parliamentarian turned conservative commentator Ross Cameron on Sky News. Ross was just asking questions, like, well, why have autism rates risen in recent years?

... they say the autism link has been *makes scare quotes* discredited, I accept the fact that on the data that autism has increased coefficient with the increase in vaccinations. I don’t say there is a causal link. I am not qualified, but I just say that I am not prepared...

It was all frankly a bit broken... except for panellist Janine Perrett, who starred in an Oscar-worthy performance in response to the rant. There was exasperation.

Sky News

The slight, only just perceptible, shake of the head.

Sky News

And then she finished it off with one of the greatest eye-roll to side-eye transitions ever seen on Australian TV.

Sky News



Janine Perrett: The real MVP.

Sky News

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