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    This Is What It Was Like To Cover The Birth Of The Royal Baby

    Lots of waiting, lots of cameras, lots of craziness.

    When the news of the royal baby broke, I couldn't have been happier.

    #RoyalBaby #RoyalBaby #RoyalBaby 🙌👼🙏

    Pretty soon, I was on the scene, ready to report the whole thing for BuzzFeed News.

    Somewhere inside a #RoyalBaby is being born. Out here the world's media is being creepy and waiting.

    This is the swag set-up if you camp out for 13 days waiting for the #RoyalBaby. Heavy Diana influence.

    A lot of attention was focused on this woman, who appears to have some ceremonial function in your country.

    I'm told this woman is very important to the whole process of #RoyalBaby-geddon

    As an Australian, it was an exciting time.

    Tomorrow, Mum and #RoyalBaby then exit with a wave. This is me speculating wildly on the birth of a child who will one day rule me.

    And I wasn't the only one who was excited.

    There was even a dog.

    I just met Brian the Hackney detection dog at the #RoyalBaby-geddon. Make him king.


    But then, something even more exciting happened...

    Everyone went a bit crazy.

    "ITS A GIRL ITS A GIRL ITS A GIRL" #RoyalBaby fans go crazy

    Everyone running around telling, "ITS A PRINCESS!! ITS A PRINCESS!" #RoyalBaby

    This is the moment Sky News' correspondent ran over to read the #RoyalBaby announcement on her phone.

    Although some people still weren't entirely satisfied.

    "I think it's marvellous but she's gotta make more babies doesn't she?" - Terry Nutt being a bit pushy #Roy...

    And then, from out of nowhere, this guy appeared.

    A random bell ringer climbs the Lindo wing steps, announced the #RoyalBaby and it's the most British thing ever

    No one really seemed to care that he wasn't in any way official.

    Look he might not be a real town crier at all. But man he's having the most fun of anyone #RoyalBaby

    He has literally been interviewed by every single international media outlet here. No one has asked his qualifications #RoyalBaby

    A retired journalist is following around fake town crier with a recording rig, documenting the whole thing #RoyalBaby

    Though he maybe milked it just a bit.

    More than an hour later and the fake town crier is still getting attention #RoyalBaby

    Anyway, by now everyone was in a party mood.

    The champagne has been popped now and the die hards are getting right amongst it #RoyalBaby

    Does anyone have a spare Union Jack suit jacket? I feel underdressed #RoyalBaby

    But I was starting to flag.

    After talking to them for the last hour, I've concluded that hardcore royalists are truly batshit crazy.

    Endlessly waiting outside a London hospital in the frigid cold for a new baby. You do you. #RoyalBaby

    Baby born: 8:34am Announcement: 11:09am What happened in those 95 minutes?? Baby E N G H A Z I

    By now the press pack were settling in for the money shot – the family exiting the hospital.

    It appears every single photographer here is a bloke. And they're keeping the step ladder business afloat #RoyalBaby

    This is how those wire pics get sent so quickly. Also this camera is making me uncomfortable.

    Despite my republican sympathies, I found myself getting swept up in the emotion.

    Prince William emerges in 25mins to visit son George at Kensington Palace. It appears he'll bring him to visit his sister. Awwwww.

    Prediction: William brings George to meet Duchess and new daughter. They all emerge as a family, waving and world goes batshit crazy.

    Then – more drama!

    But I was still conflicted.

    As an Australian who wants a republic this is a very difficult time. This family will emerge and destroy everyone's hearts.

    There's a betting market open to the colour of Catherine's maternal dress. Pink is short priced favourite. *shakes head* what am I doing.

    The people subtweeting/throwing shade at me for this is giving me more energy.

    The fact is, it was a strange experience all 'round.

    A CNN reporter stares intently into an iPhone sitting on a tripod... "I'm periscoping" What have we become.

    But it would soon be over.

    And there they were!

    And then they were gone. But had Princess Cambridge melted my stony Australian heart?

    Well, maybe a little.

    I want to make it very clear... I remain a staunch Australian republican. But sometimes you can suspend politics to delight in pageantry.