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The Most Terrifying Security Guard Protected The PM From A Giant Nemo And Dory

Well he found Dory, then.

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On Tuesday, young people from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition showed up to the prime minister's heavily stage-managed supermarket walk in Brisbane. They were dressed as Dory and Nemo.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

While they were waiting for the PM to arrive, several children came up, flipping out that they were getting the chance to meet their idols.


The young man in the photo, the AYCC's David Cazzulino, told BuzzFeed News the group were following Malcolm Turnbull to remind him of his previous position on climate change.

"Malcolm Turnbull has said in the past he is really keen on getting climate action and that he wouldn't lead a party that isn't as committed as he is," said Cazzulino.

"Yet now, he is not leading a party that is committing to climate action. We want the real Malcolm Turnbull to stand up for the home of Dory and Nemo, the Great Barrier Reef."

Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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