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The Most Australian Response To Getting Rammed By A Spanish Bull

Well, that just happened

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Sydney man Nicholas Kordahi has uploaded video of himself running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain. As the gates open... crowds scatter. / Via Twitter: @GrillTeam

"I was waiting for the bull to come out, then next minute the crowd just bursts and runs all around me," he told Australian radio station Triple M.

The bull hurdles the group and charges straight for Nicholas...

And knocks him to the ground.

Wandering through the crowd Nicholas accepts what has just happened.

Watch how quickly it all occurs in the full video below:

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It comes as two Australians and one Spaniard were "gored" by bulls during the annual final bull run in Pamplona.

Vincent West / Reuters

According to ABC News, a 26-year-old man known as "JG" needed surgery after being rammed three times by a bull.

Vincent West / Reuters

The 595-kilogram bull named "Olivito" became separated from the pack and repeatedly rammed one man against a wall.

Vincent West / Reuters

Organisers say 42 people have been hospitalised in this year's San Fermin Festival.

Vincent West / Reuters