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This Perfectly Sums Up The Insane Newspaper Coverage Of The Zaky Mallah-ABC Scandal

11 metres in 11 days.

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It's been 11 long days since former terror suspect Zaky Mallah confronted Steve Ciobo on Q&A causing Australia to go into a full, complete, insane freak out.

In that time, Tony Abbott has accused the ABC of "betrayal", head of ABC Mark Scott championed the organisation's free speech and many ABC symbols have been incorporated into ISIS flags.

But one news outlet has led all others with its deluge of tick-tock coverage and damning editorials condemning the ABC: News Corp's national broadsheet, The Australian.

So we decided to cut out every article from the last 11 copies of The Australian and put them end-to-end. And the trail of Zaky Mallah-destruction STRETCHES 11 METRES!

There's been so much ink spilled in the newspaper's campaign, it's hard to even keep up.

Considering the issue is largely resolved - Q&A have been given recommendations and the executive producer has been warned - the question Australia continues to ask: Will The Australian cease writing about this scandal?

Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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