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The Deputy Prime Minister's Comments On Rum And Drinking Are ~Interesting~

"I'll have a quiet rum rather than sit down with a square bear."

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The interview was shot by satirical news website Betoota Advocate which was able to spend time with Joyce in northern NSW ahead of the election.

"I've given up drinking a lot of it, put it that way," said Joyce about rumors of his hard drinking on rum.

"I'll have a quiet rum rather than sit down with a square bear with a mate and see if we remember by the second one."

(A square bear = a bottle of Bundaberg rum, which has a polar bear logo).

"You never hold anyone to anything they've done when they've had a few beers. A gentleman always keeps his confidences and sometimes things happen," said Joyce.

"There's nothing worse than someone tiddle tadding is there? Park under your hat and move on."


"If you want to get with the future go with the old bloke," said Windsor as he jokes about Joyce's house-riding style.

"if you want to stay in the past, vote for the young bloke."

The full interview is now online and bathe in the real Aussie blokeness of the entire exercise

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