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Meet The 37 Baby Asylum-Seekers Australia Is Ready To Deport

A High Court decision is the last hope for the babies born on Australian soil.

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This is 13-month-old Moubani.


According to her lawyers, Moubani (not her real name) spoke her first words at 10 months old; they were "daddy" and "bye bye".

Her parents think it's good sign. They want their new daughter to grow up to be a lawyer or doctor in Australia.

Moubani was born at Royal Darwin Hospital in December 2014 and is currently residing in community detention with her parents in Australia.

She and her parents are the lead clients in a High Court challenge to the controversial Australian offshore detention network.

If Moubani's lawyers win in court tomorrow, the government's practice of sending asylum-seekers to Nauru and Manus Island will be deemed illegal.

If they lose, hundreds of asylum-seekers who are currently living in Australia with newborn children are expected to be deported within 72 hours.

Among them are 90 children – some of whom attend local public schools – including 37 babies like Moubani who have been born in Aussie hospitals, on Australian soil.

(Their names have been changed for the purpose of this story.)

Meet 4-month-old Rima. Her parents fled Burma and are fearful for their child's safety after hearing stories of violence by locals on Nauru.


Fahad is a 13-month-old boy whose Rohingya parents also left Burma. According to lawyers, Fahad and his parents are "stateless".


This is 9-month-old Samuel. His parents made the journey to Australia by boat from Iran and are fearful of reports of sexual assault by guards on Nauru.


Laleh is 6 months old and was born at Royal Darwin Hospital last year. Her parents are from Iran.


This is 11-month-old Jasmine, whose parents are originally from Iran. She was born in Darwin last year and her mother recently lapsed into a "diabetic coma".


And this is Darien. He was born last year and his parents are from Iran.


These are just some of the 37 babies, born on Australian soil, who the federal government wants to send to Nauru.


By the end of the week these babies could be sleeping very differently.


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