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Posted on 19 Nov 2014

23 Completely Life-Changing Things Australians Can Thank The ABC For

"What has the ABC ever done for us?"

1. Regular, hard-hitting interviews with politicians.

2. Ending the short-lived political career of Mal Meninga.

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3. Election analyst Antony Green for giving us some hope in understanding what the hell is going on.

4. And Alan Kohler is the greatest finance expert going around.

5. 24 hour emergency broadcasting which keeps out of harm's way.

6. Radio and TV that doesn't go under when the country does.

7. The most important stories from around the world, from fearless journalists.

ABC Foreign Correspondent

8. Rural reporting on Landline and The Country Hour... because Australians actually live in the country.

Matt Brann/Twitter

9. Breaking completely new ground and broadcasting the news in Indigenous languages.

10. Compelling television with Indigenous characters like on Redfern Now and Mabo.

Wendy McDougall / ABC
Blackfella Films

11. Children's television that ease the nation's childcare issues.


12. iView which completely changed the game for online television.

13. Incredible kid's television like Round the Twist.

14. And giving young people a reason to stay up late or wake up early with The Glasshouse and Recovery.


15. Or maybe you never slept because you wanted to catch Rage.

16. The cricket on the radio in summer (especially Kerry O'Keefe's laugh).

17. Actually broadcasting and supporting Australian women's sport.

18. Giving us something else to celebrate on Australia Day, other than Australia.

ABC Triple J

19. Triple J also gave us the Hilltop Hoods... who pretty much started Aussie hip-hop.

Paul Miller / AAP

20. Also helping others with a springboard into music mega-stardom.

Rob Kim / Getty Images
Joe Klamar/AFP / Getty Images

21. Making sure Doctor Who stayed free over many, many years.

22. Actually keeping ethics in gaming journalism with Good Game.

ABC Radio Australia

23. Oh and J'amie King. So I guess the government should actually...


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