16 Completely Life-Changing Things Australians Can Thank Gough Whitlam For

    Free medical care, university education, Aboriginal land rights and the chance to vote at 18. All remembered as soaring achievements of the former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam who died on Tuesday, aged 98.

    1. Free medical care.

    2. Scrapping university fees for a generation of students.

    3. Aboriginal land rights.

    4. The Racial Discrimination Act.

    5. A diplomatic relationship with China.

    6. Women in power.

    7. Ending Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War.

    8. Ending conscription.

    9. Ending the death penalty.

    10. Legal aid.

    11. The Australian national anthem.

    12. The Order of Australia.

    13. Protected environmental sites.

    14. Lowering the voting to 18.

    15. Young people in politics.

    16. Oh and of course there's always Triple J.