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People Are Responding To Tony Abbott's Anti-Marriage Equality Stance With The Facebook Filter

Poor Tone.

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"Look I note the US Supreme Court decision," said Abbott to reporters on the side of his party's federal council meeting on Saturday.

"I haven't had a chance to study it but, look, what happens in the United States is obviously a matter for the United States... as for our own country, obviously, there is a community debate going on."

"I have views on this subject which are pretty well known and they haven't changed."

It was painted all across his face.

Even his delightful Speedo shots became even more resplendent in technicolor.

You look better in rainbow, Abbott. @TonyAbbottMHR #TonyAbbottDoesNotSpeakForMe

Some people took it a little far and photoshopped a pollie-on-pollie pash profile pic.

@paulkidd @MarkDiStef @carolduncan and this?

Don't forget those flag-heavy Abbott press conferences which were given an aggressively fabulous makeover.