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People Are Sick And Tired Of Talking About The Bloody Plebiscite

A "fatigue" has settled over the Coalition.

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The Coalition party room is tired of dealing with marriage equality and is ready to get on with other things now that the plebiscite is doomed to failure, according to a government MP.

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The legislation for the marriage equality plebiscite is set to be rejected in the Senate, with Labor and the Greens vowing to vote against the national vote.

The most vocal backers of marriage equality in the parliament are now suggesting a myriad of hypotheticals for it to pass without a plebiscite, but government MPs insist they are all fantasy.

Conservative Liberal MP Michael Sukkar says there's now a desire within the Coalition to move on.

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"There is a lot of fatigue in the party room [on this issue],” said Sukkar, who is opposed to marriage equality.

"We're just going to get on to progressing our economic agenda."

Hopes for marriage equality now rest on at least three moderate Liberal MPs crossing the floor on a procedural motion in the House of Representatives, to bring on the marriage equality bill for debate.

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Former chief of staff to prime minister Tony Abbott, Peta Credlin, described the hypothetical situation in detail here.

But one government MP said the scenario being pushed by Labor and LGBTI advocates is a "fantasy".

"You'd need three MPs to cross the floor on a procedural motion which would then kick off a no confidence vote in the prime minister," said the MP.

"It would bring down the government. You really think we're seriously considering booting ourselves out of government for gay marriage?"

The signs of fatigue are not just showing within the Coalition. Key senator Nick Xenophon snapped at reporters when asked about the issue on Wednesday morning.

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Xenophon, who says his party's senators will vote against the plebiscite legislation and insists there is "no wriggle room" for negotiation, was talking about BP oil drilling in South Australia when asked about the plebiscite.

"Must you?" he asked sarcastically, "Must you ask me about that?"

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