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Barnaby Joyce Once Promised Not To Invade New Zealand And Honestly, You Couldn't Make This Shit Up

That's all this is.

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By now you've probably heard that Australia's deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, has been a secret Kiwi citizen for the first 50 years of his life.

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A few things on this: 1. He'll need to face the High Court to find out if he's been ineligible to sit in parliament, 2. He's not stepping down in the meantime, and 3. The government has concocted a secret Kiwi plot to explain how Barnaby found himself here.

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Anyway. In just the most beautiful ~coincidence~, Joyce's long 60 Minutes profile in February last year started with some sweet as banter.

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Host Charles Wooley asked whether Joyce's new job as deputy prime minister is a "heartbeat away" from the top job. He replied that people have been watching too much West Wing.

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Then Joyce joked, "there's this idea that the prime minister's away, so we'll invade New Zealand. It's just bat poo crazy."

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Joyce ended by saying it's a "promise" Australia won't invade New Zealand. That's it. Though it raises the question: Why WOULDN'T acting prime minister Joyce invade New Zealand??

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You can watch the full 60 Minutes interview because Barnaby Joyce put it on YouTube.

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