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Professor Reviewing Australia's Curriculum Suspended For Alleged Sexist And Racist Emails

The University of Sydney suspended Professor Barry Spurr over allegations he used words like "Abos", "Mussies" and "Chinky-poos".

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The professor of poetry tasked with overhauling the national curriculum has been unceremoniously suspended over alleged racist and sexist emails sent to staff.

New Matilda reports Professor Barry Spurr was allegedly involved in a series of email exchanges over several years in which he slurred several minority groups with words like "Abos", "Mussies", "Chinky-Poos" and called a female victim of sexual assault a "worthless slut".

The University of Sydney took action on Friday suspending Professor Spurr while the email scandal is investigated. A spokesman added, "racist, sexist or offensive language" is not tolerated by the university.

According to New Matilda, Professor Spurr's excuse was that the words and emails were part of a "whimsical linguistic game for many years of trying to outdo one another in extreme statements."

Prime Minister Abbott was asked about the alleged emails in which he is referred to as an "Abo lover" for standing next to Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes.

"I'm not easily upset, I'm afraid. I'll study it closely," he said on Friday.

Professor Spurr submitted the review into the nation's curriculm last week with some groups questioning whether the email scandal brings into doubt the integrity of the report.

He has made no formal public statements on the matter.