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Some Random Election Headlines That Look Downright Silly Right Now

The takes, they were too hot.

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Remember a time when Miliband was so weird he was going to win the election?

When the Tories should've been worried about Russell Brand?

When #Milibrand was a "valuable pre-election surprise"?

When it was actually going to win Miliband the entire election?

What about when Miliband's haters were hating on his success?

Or when on election night Lib Dem Paddy Ashdown said he'd eat his hat if the exit poll was correct?

The Mirror

All the polls were so hard to believe. Remember when pollsters said it was hard for Conservatives to win?

Or when people argued that the Lib Dems won the campaign?

But the best predictions had to be about UKIP and Nigel Farage.

UK Telegraph

Especially this front page, which went with the most outrageous headline of all.

Express Newspapers / Via

At the time of writing UKIP has won one seat.

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