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    Everyone Has Strong Feelings About Victoria's New Public Holiday

    Melbourne and chill.

    Victorians woke up on Friday morning to the awesome realisation that they had the day off.

    Tracy Nearmy / AAP

    The state premier Daniel Andrews established the new "Grand Final Friday" as part of a pre-election commitment to give the state the day to soak in the excitement before the AFL grand final.

    But it's not without controversy.

    Businesses are a bit shitty because they have to pay penalty rates and argued it would dent the economy. One reports suggests it could cost the economy $900 million.

    Yep. $900 million for a day off.

    So in strolls the new prime minister (who hails from a rugby league state) who was ready to sledge the holiday.

    Facebook: malcolmturnbull

    It meant Andrews had to return fire, showing how much Melbourne was just loving the new public holiday.

    Facebook: DanielAndrewsMP

    He also went on a BIG retweet spree, trying to let everyone know, Melbourne is totally loving the holiday guys.

    Guys, it's great.

    Labor MPs were also ready to defend the holiday.

    @TurnbullMalcolm did you find the crowd yet? Wrong tram again?

    It seems people still showed up to the parade.

    My train was packed. Bloody ghost town. @TurnbullMalcolm

    The sun is shining! People are excited for some footy!

    Tracey Nearmy / AAPIMAGE

    And of course Victorians are getting into an argument. So Melbourne.

    I love how Melb plans to debate whether we should be having a public holiday the WHOLE day. So Melbourne. It's like the 90s again #GFfriday

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