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This Epic Police Haul Will Make You Thirsty For Delicious Wine


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Queensland Police have made a bafflingly large goon seizure and to celebrate have taken this pearler of a staged photo.


A spokeswoman told BuzzFeed News that Townsville Police found plastic buckets stacked high with cask wine bags after an anonymous phone call earlier this week.

"Police attended the location and observed a female person sitting on the side of the boat ramp. As Police approached the female person they observed 6 x large plastic buckets containing numerous cask wine bags in each bucket," she said.

The haul was 63 silver sacks full with what's called "sly-grog", which was intended to be transported into the Palm Island area, where alcohol is banned.

Some consider "goon" to be the national drink of Australia with many retrieving the silver sack from a cask box and using it to play the fabled backyard game, "Goon-of-Fortune".

The beloved goon bag makes an excellent pillow.

And slapping the sack has become immortalised in public art.

Queensland Police want to ensure dry areas remain dry... in the meantime good luck to this weekend's game of "Goon-of-Fortune".