This News Presenter Had Quite The Sweary Meltdown Off Air

    “Sit down there! Stop fucking around!”

    Veteran Sky News anchor Adam Boulton had an off-air, profanity-laced meltdown in between broadcasts from this year’s Conservative party conference, according to a video leaked to BuzzFeed News.

    Boulton, the British TV network’s editor-at-large, can be seen arguing with staff before he interviews Sky’s deputy political editor, Beth Rigby, on location at the conference in Birmingham.

    BuzzFeed News

    The clip shows the 59-year-old losing his patience at staff behind the camera, and swearing multiple times:

    “If, if, if Beth comes put her in there and then she can go away. I know, I know. Just put the fucking seat in.


    Have you got the grab? Yeah. Yeah, well, she’s got to come and fucking sit here if she wants to be on telly. Well, in the past few minutes Mr Johnson arrived. What the fucking? Sit down there! Stop fucking around! Yes.


    Well, Beth is here; you can see Boris Johnson’s speech when it happens around lunchtime; Beth’s here now. How would you describe his mood, Beth?”

    A Sky News spokesperson said in an emailed statement: “Adam was operating in a high pressure live TV environment. He acknowledges he should not have sworn and apologises to Beth.”