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This "Shirtfront" T-Shirt Perfectly Sums Up The G20

The perfect gift for a man who won't wear a shirt.

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A Brisbane bookstore has already won the G20, by screen-printing special commemorative "shirtfront" t-shirts emblazoned with the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


The Avid Bookstore's Krissy Kneen told BuzzFeed News they're going to give away the "cheeky" Putin-Abbott protest shirts on Friday morning for a donation, with all proceeds going to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

"We were all a bit cranky at Tony Abbott and his choice of words, the fact that he made us look like some kind of school yard brawler. We’re Australians and we don’t want people to think of some sort of pre-pubescent, adolescent, annoying person who is going to threaten and thump you," she said.

The shirt could become the symbol of the G20 which has been dominated by the war of words between Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Mr Putin. It all started when Mr Abbott promised to "shirtfront" his Russian counterpart over the downing of MH17.

A "shirtfront" is an illegal full-body contact charge committed in a game of Australian Rules Football.

But Ms Kneen said its also intended as a dig at Mr Putin: "It feels like we’ve got the clash of similar personalities going on. We’re big supporters of the gay and lesbian community here and we know Putin has been horrendous about that."