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Autistic Boy Found Dehydrated And Exhausted After Five Days In Aussie Bush

Luke Shambrook was rescued in dense Victorian bushland.

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Luke Shambrook, who was missing for five days in Victorian bushland has been found alive by search crews.

Victoria Police

The 11-year-old, who has autism, went missing from a campsite in the Fraser National Park near Lake Eildon on Good Friday.

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Luke was found by police helicopters scouring nearby bushland. Victorian police immediately called it "fantastic news!".

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Authorities also released vision of the moment he was found alive.

11 yr old Luke Shambrook receives medical treatment after five days missing in central Victoria

Acting Commander Rick Nugent said the boy is dehydrated and exhausted but otherwise in a good condition.

ABC News 24

Fellow campers joined the search for Luke over the weekend and his beanie was found near the campsite yesterday afternoon.

Victoria Police

According to ABC News, Luke "liked to hide" and had a "fascination with water" leading police to search in wombat burrows and divers to comb the nearby Lake Eildon.

Just waiting for 11 year old Luke Shambrook to be carted to safety after 5 days missing in the bush. HE'S ALIVE!

The news led to an outpouring of support for the Shambrook family and relief that Luke was found.

Huge relief Luke Shambrook has been found – can’t imagine how tough the Easter Weekend was for his family.

Now that's what you call a miracle. Welcome home #LukeShambrook.

I'm crying tears of joy for this family very happy news thank you all and sending love to his family who must be so happy #LukeShambrook

Beyond relieved to hear that #LukeShambrook has been found safe and alive!