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Senator Gives Brutally Honest Interview About Weed, Mental Health And Tony Abbott

"I did all the wrong stuff. I kind of kept everything to myself until it was almost too late."

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Greens senator Scott Ludlam has opened up about his mental health break from parliament last year, saying he almost left getting help "until it was too late".

Adam Baidawi/GQ Australia

Ludlam spoke to GQ Australia's Adam Baidawi about politics, drugs and his mental health break for treatment last year.

"People were really respectful," Ludlam said. "[They] left me the hell alone and sent cards. And so my experience is peculiar and not at all representative of what a lot of people go through.

"Probably just more broadly regarding health and self-care. I did all the wrong stuff. I kind of kept everything to myself until it was almost too late."

Adam Baidawi/GQ Australia

Ludlam also reflected on the right wing media columnists he regularly spars with on Twitter.

"As much as I'm increasingly aware of the lefty-Green echo chamber and bubble, that’s nothing compared to the News Corp stable – a small handful of individuals who sit in a closed room sniffing each other's farts."

Ludlam was asked if Joe Hockey was a good choice for US ambassador and replied: "No. I'd want him put into a small capsule and fired into space."

Adam Baidawi/GQ Australia

Ludlam described former prime minister Tony Abbott as "sad and pointless", and said he had "had his moment" but was "shit at it".

"I just don't think he has the imagination to go away – and what other life has he got apart from this?

"I think he actually cuts quite a sad figure these days. He had his moment, he was shit at it and they got rid of him before the Australian people could dispatch him."

He was also frank about using weed, saying he had "smoked a fair bit of it... this is like a distant past, not last week… I've tried everything I want to try".

Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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