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The Scratchmarks That Sunk Convicted Murderer Baden-Clay

"Leaving those scratch marks on Gerard's face on the fateful night ... god bless her"

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Brisbane man Gerard Baden-Clay has been found guilty of murdering his wife Allison in one of the most closely watched Australian murder trials in recent years. He's been sentenced to life in prison with a non-parole period of 15 years.

Queensland Supreme Court

Former dance teacher and mother of three, Allison Baden-Clay's body was found under a Brookfield bridge in 2012, following a large-scale search.

Her husband, Gerard Baden-Clay was charged with her murder shortly after and was found with multiple scratches and marks to his body.

Throughout the trial Baden-Clay used multiple excuses for the scratch marks including that he cut himself shaving, that he had a reaction from a caterpillar and that marks on his hand were caused by a screwdriver that slipped during the renovation of his friend's house.

#BREAKING: Gerard Baden-Clay found guilty of murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay

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#BREAKING: Gerard Baden-Clay found guilty of murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay

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Gerard Baden-Clay. Guilty of murder. #badenclay

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Gerard Baden-Clay. Guilty of murder. #badenclay

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Following the guilty verdict, the court immediately moved to sentencing submissions. Allison's mother Priscilla Dickie told the court: "Leaving those scratch marks on Gerard's face on the fateful night... god bless her."

AAP / Dan Peled

Mrs Dickie continued, "It was obvious to me that one of the last things Allison did was to leave her marks on her husband."

The couple had been experiencing marriage and financial difficulties for some time, with Gerard Baden-Clay having an affair with a former employee.

Queensland Supreme Court Justice John Byrne sentenced Baden-Clay to life in prison telling the convicted killer, "You used a razor to cut yourself near where she (Allison) had scratched you."

Justice Byrne told Baden-Clay it was likely he smothered Allison: "Her fingernails scratched your face. The act of a desperate woman, fighting for her life."

Victims impact statements read by Allison's family focus on the three girls who have been left without their mother. Vanessa Fowler called her sister Allison a "hero": "She left your mark to make sure you paid for your evil ways."

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