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    9 Easy Ways To Get The Queen Off Our Money

    It's time for an actual bloody re-design.

    ICYMI - The Reserve Bank announced a new ~fancy~ design for the $5 note. But as the Australian Republican Movement pointed out there was one actual problem.... The Queen.

    Here’s the new design for the $5 from @RBAInfo. Should another nation’s monarch still be on our notes? #ausrepublic

    Sure the RBA was a little salty by ageing Elizabeth in the new design, but seriously, what's a Brit doing on our currency?

    At least one MP was good enough to start suggesting some alternatives that would make a much better representation of true national identity.

    #BetterThanLiz Billy Sing, John Curtin, Don Bradman, Christina Stead, Fred Hollows, Peter Lalor, Bennelong, Vincent Lingiari, Bob Murphy.

    1. Like acclaimed short story writer Christina Stead.

    2. Or Aboriginal land rights icon Vincent Lingiari.

    3. You could even have Olympic gold medallist Cathy Freeman.

    4. There's already a big push to have the Queen replaced by eye doctor Fred Hollows. Why not now?

    5. Artist Aaron Tyler even has this bloody good option.

    6. Put it this way, if we're going to take the piss, let's actually go for it and chuck on our 28th prime minister.

    7. Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie would be better than the Queen tbh.

    please support my very poorly conceived idea for the new new 5 dollar note

    8. Oh god.

    Don’t know about these new $5 notes hey?

    9. Shit. Well. It's time to sack the Queen anyway.