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A Senator Said "Fuck That's Risky Shit" And It'll Make Your Day

And yes, it's now in Hansard.

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It's time to heap praise on New South Wales Senator Bill Heffernan who has given us one of the most 'Strayan political moments in recent times.

The ~colourful~ Senator Heffernan was chairing a late night meeting of the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport committee when the issue of runways at Melbourne airport came up.

Heffernan arked up about whether they'd actually have passenger planes landing at different angles, instead of on parallel runways.

"Are we talking about cross-runway landings?" he asked.

Senator Nick Xenophon replied, "Yes, that is part of it."

Heffernan leant back in his chair, quite exasperated and muttered, "Fuck, that's risky shit."

This is not the first time Senator Heffernan has proved he's one of the loosest units in parliament. In 2014, he smuggled a fake pipe bomb into estimates to make a point about building security.