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Senior Politicians Took Selfies With The "Human Ken Doll" And IDEK Where To Start


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To understand what's going on here, it's important to know that the "Human Ken Doll" is this guy on the left, Justin Jedlica.

Instagram: @justinjedlica

According to reports, Jedlica has had over 150 plastic surgery procedures, which apparently include "chest implants, shoulder implants, bicep implants, triceps implants, and butt implants".

Instagram: @justinjedlica

Of course, the hashtag heavy captions on these photos are also pretty special:

"The Prime Minister @turnbullmalcolm taking a selfie with our group. #primeMinister #Australia #federalbudget2017 #federalparliament #canberra #MalcolmTurnbull #lovethislife #richkidsofinstagram #richkidsoftoorak #havefun..."

With regards to #richkidsoftoorak, Toorak is a wealthy suburb of Melbourne.


Jedlica used the hashtag #realhousewivesofcanberra, and excuse me, the foreign minister is not a housewife thank you very much.

BuzzFeed News has confirmed Jayson McNaughton is a Victorian dentist who has appeared at Parliament House before.

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