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    Leaked Email Shows News Corp Praising "Racist" Cartoon


    Amid calls for cartoonist Bill Leak to be sacked, News Corp boss Campbell Reid has told the company's entire staff the "racist" cartoon is the "best thing I have read this week".


    BuzzFeed News obtained an email on Friday afternoon that tells staff which article was the News Corp corporate affairs manager's favourite article of the week.

    Reid posted Bill Leak's cartoons from Thursday and Friday to the entire staff, with a George Orwell quote underneath: "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

    The cartoon, which depicts offensive caricatures of Aboriginal people, was published two weeks after footage shocked Australia of Aboriginal children being abused and "tortured" in the Northern Territory juvenile detention system.

    The Indigenous affairs minister, Nigel Scullion, joined with Aboriginal community leaders to say he was appalled by the cartoon and condemned it as "racist".

    "Although Australian cartoonists have a rich tradition of irreverent satire, there is absolutely no place for depicting racist stereotypes," Scullion said in a statement.

    "I would urge The Australian to be more aware of the impact cartoons like the one published today can have on Indigenous communities."