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So, Uh, Here's The Full (Unedited) Text Of Pauline Hanson's Reasoning For A Royal Commission Into Islam

We'll leave it to you whether it makes coherent sense.

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During ABC's Q&A on Monday night, Pauline Hanson was asked to "please explain" her policy calling for a royal commission into Islam.


It was one of the most contentious points of the show. So to give Hanson her chance, we've typed out the full transcript, without edits. Here's what she said:

"Islam does not separate itself from political ideology and whereas, the Christianity under the Westminster system we are separate the rule of law from the state. So they are separate. Islam doesn’t and a lot of the countries that are ruled under Islam is their ideology, the political ideology. Now I understand Islam does not believe in democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly or freedom of the press. You have Hizb-ut Tahrir that preaches the fact that they want total control of the people."

At this point host Tony Jones interrupted, asking, "Pauline can I just interrupt you there, can you make such a blanket statement, 'Islam doesn’t believe in democracy', when north of Australia is the biggest democracy in our region and it’s Islamic?" (He's talking about Indonesia.)


Hanson replied:

"No, look, I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that because you’ve got a lot of countries around the world, they have a political ideology that want to control the people. Now I want to see a separation of the two."

Jones interrupted asking for a clarification, "You don’t think that is true of Indonesia, though do you?"


She replied:

"What, I think they control the people and their beliefs, I really do and the people are controlled by it. You know, we are a Christian country and I don’t believe that Islam is compatible with our culture and our way of life and that’s why we have problems in Australia, on the streets. A lot of people are opposing the mosques that are built here and it’s happened through the world -"

Jones brought the questioner, Cindy Rahal, back into the discussion asking, "you’ve been listening to this, what do you think?"


This was how Rahal responded (unedited):

"I think that Muslims in Australia have been constantly telling people like you and who support you, that is not what Islam is about. It’s falling on deaf ears and I think you have very selective hearing and what you’re creating is not one nation, you are creating a divided nation. If you want to have a look at creating one nation, you need to look at ways that we can include everybody, all the Muslims and any other religion as well. You have a very one track mind and unfortunately it’s very dangerous."

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