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The Pope Picked Up A Pizza In His Popemobile And It Was Probably The Most Italian Thing Ever

The father, the son and the holy pizza.

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Naples pizza makers Pizzera Don Ernesto have made the Pope's visit to the southern Italy city extra delicious with the creation of a special pizza in his high honour.

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The owner Enzo Cacialli created a mouth-watering holy pie that was a thin-crust base with yellow cherry tomatoes and ricotta, topped off with a personalised inscription.

And when "Il Papa" sped past in his popemobile on Sunday he slowed down to pick up the pizza. IT WAS AMAZING.

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"I gave him the pizza and with a smile he said 'thank you,'" said Cacialli to CNN.

"Il Papa" then gave the pizza chefs the holy seal!

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Because remember...

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