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    3 Jul 2014

    21 Streakers Who Did Not See It Coming

    Just out for a run... before it all became undone. NSFW cos of butts.

    Kiwi authorities have slapped 28-year-old Adam Holtslag with a $500 fine for streaking in last month's rugby union test between New Zealand and England.

    Getty Images / Martin Hunter

    Holtslag's nudie run became notorious in New Zealand because of a security guard's MASSIVE shoulder tackle.

    Getty Images / Martin Hunter

    Here it comes...

    Getty Images / Martin Hunter

    1. Huge. Hit.

    2. It's not the first time pitch invaders have been crunched by security guards.... like this guy out at the ball game.

    3. Baseball fans are some of the worst offenders.

    4. Hold onto your hat buddy!

    5. An interrupted Mexican wave.

    6. Being creepy with college cheerleaders.... it was only going to end one way.

    7. Some of the best takedowns come from fed-up players.

    8. This guy is paying the price for his Borat-style mankini.

    9. An easy trip for this soccer player.

    10. Sometimes it gets a little bit heated.

    11. This guy is lucky to escape with his head.

    12. There are those that don't need any help to come undone.

    13. Because horsing around in the nude was only going to end one way.

    14. And some run out of puff just before the line.

    15. There are others ready to intervene.

    16. The rare 'double streak' can be a confusing time for everyone.

    17. Probably shouldn't attack cricket players who are clad in armour

    18. Because cricketers also carry perfect spanking bats

    19. You also run the risk of being tased

    The *17-year-old* was also literally waving a white flag (towel)

    20. So before you streak, consider the question: Am I going to come across athletes? Or even security guards that look like athletes?

    Getty Images / Martin Hunter

    21. Because when you're streaking... you're like a red rag to a bull