I Showed Australia's Oldest Politician Snapchat And It Was Ridiculously Adorable

    "I know Shapshow."

    Meet the official "father" of Australian politics, Philip Ruddock (pictured left).

    The 72-year-old is the oldest Australian federal MP and is known for taking young pollies under his wing.

    And while he might be getting on, he's totally mastered Twitter.

    He's an absolute menace.

    It's #safarisuitsunday this one is a bit open #sfs #auspol

    So BuzzFeed News decided to meet with him and see how technologically literate he really is... and introduce him to Snapchat.

    After initially saying "I know Snapshow" (*smh*) we thrust a phone in front of his face to see what would it happen.


    His reaction was PRICELESS!

    Of course the old man filter looked rather fetching on him.


    And Mr Ruddock was thrown right back to the 70s when it came to spewy rainbow mouth.


    But finally, when asked to give a message to his wife, this happened...


    ... proof that sending thirsty Snapchats is freaking adorable no matter your age. Awwwwwww.

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