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Clive Palmer Counting His Money Is Now The Perfect Meme

Cash-counter Clive.

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Australia's parliamentary photographers caught troubled mining billionaire Clive Palmer cheekily counting a wad of money in Question Time on Tuesday.

Counting his money #auspol @abcnews @ABCNews24

It's a beautiful snapshot.

Not only is Palmer currently laying off hundreds of workers from his Queensland Nickel mining company, but it emerged on Monday he funneled millions of dollars from the company into his failing political party.

Well Reddit's /r/photoshopbattles latched onto it and turned Palmer and his money into an amazing meme.

There was Clive as greedy Disney cat.

Clive covered in fries.

Clive playing Yu Gi Oh.

Clive lighting his cash up.

It got dark.

Clive went to the movies.

Clive the Hutt.

Clive as Monty Python character.

Clive as creepy nipple Mad Max man.

Clive as spooky ghost.

Clive with his precious.

Clive as sweet Rose.

Darth Clive.

Then he found his way into vintage memes.

Clive with Diddy.

Clive as custard.

Clive eating Clive-custard.


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