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Someone Has Placed A Heartbreaking Obituary For The Little Boy Who Drowned On A Turkish Beach

"Rest in peace Aylan Kurdi. May God forgive us for failing you."

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Aylan has become a striking symbol, with artists around the world joining to mourn his death. Many are using the hashtags #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik or #HumanityWashedAshore.

#Khartoon - I Hope Humanity Finds a Cure for Visas #Syria #refugeeswelcome #refugeecrisis #Germany #Italy #Greece

AylanYou did not deserve to drown in the coldness of water and in the coldness of human indifference.You were not a Migrant. You were not a Refugee. You were a 3yr old little boy wanting to play safely, away from the threats of violence and war.In Heaven, you will be nursed by those who held you, by those who kissed you and by those who risked everything in the hope of you reaching the shores of safety.Rest In Peace Aylan Kurdi. May God forgive us for failing you.

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