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This Senator Is Now Starring In NRA Propaganda And It Makes Very Little Sense

Apparently, Australia is a country of "defenceless victims".

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"We are a nation of victims. You cannot own a gun for self-defense, it doesn't matter what the circumstances, it doesn't matter how big the threat, you cannot defend yourself," said senator Leyonhjelm.

"If you look at what Australia did, it's a defenseless country these days. I am absolutely in awe of the success of the NRA at holding back the tide. It never gives an inch."


After 35 Australians were gunned down in the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 (the country's worst ever mass shooting), the federal government bought 640,000 guns off farmers and gun owners and had them destroyed.

So gun advocates, like the NRA, get really angry whenever reformers point to Australia's situation.

"We love the NRA here in Australia amongst us gun owners and we rely on you guys to help us hold the line here in Australia," said Leyonhjelm

There are strict mental health checks on purchases of guns and people cannot carry concealed weapons.

The U.S. gun lobby has reached out to Leyonhjelm who is on the record as claiming the Sandy Hook massacre could have been stopped by armed teachers.

Australian senator @DavidLeyonhjelm tweets and RTs arguing armed civilians would have stopped the #ParisAttacks

And in the midst of last week's Paris attacks he was RT-ing tweets claiming armed civilians could have prevented more violence.


The data has been collected in this study for the American Law and Economics Review.


The video ends with the NRA narrator claiming "gun bans haven't made a difference".

But in Australia all the evidence points to the contrary.

According to the University of Sydney's public health expert Professor Simon Chapman, there were 17 mass shootings (an event with five or more deaths) in Australia before gun reform in 1996.

There have been zero since.

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