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Here's Proof "Hollowmen" Accurately Predicted The Government's Ideas Boom

"They've done a wonderful job"... "Especially when they didn't know what they were talking about."

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You've probably noticed that these huge advertising posters have started popping up around Australia, welcoming everyone to the "IDEAS BOOM".

The government is also running TV ads about the "IDEAS BOOM" which is just a bunch of random people, overlayed with stirring music and a deep-voiced narration delivering empty, yet aspirational statements.

It's part of a $28 million (!) advertising campaign from the Department of Industry and Innovation, trying to get everyone pumped about using iPads under the sheets of their bed.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made the campaign a signature of his leadership, repeatedly insisting that "there's never been a better time to be an Australian."

Well back in 2008, Australian comedy series "Hollowmen", had a plot-line that bore crazy similarities to the government's current $1.1 billion innovation agenda.

The hilarious show, which is about a policy unit in the prime minister's office, comes up with the idea for a multi-billion dollar "Future Fund". And everyone gets excited.


Despite not having anything concrete to spend the money on, the team commissions a TV advertisement spookily similar to the "Ideas Boom" ad.


And everyone, including appparently the prime minister, is totally jazzed about the emotional product.


There's just one problem.


Here's the full video from the episode, "Rear Vision" and you can decide for yourself if the ABC series accurately predicted the "Ideas Boom".

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