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    15 Times Andrea Pirlo Was The Living Embodiment Of Heavenly Things

    No Pirlo, no party.

    1. This is Italian soccer player Andrea Pirlo who just happens to be one of the most beautiful players to have ever played the game.

    Alberto Pizzoli/AFP / Getty Images

    2. He's widely regarded as one of the best passers of all time and is a specialist at scoring ~PEACH~ goals like this.

    3. But let's take a moment to appreciate this dapper Italian stallion who WILL split your defences.

    Giuseppe Bellini / Getty Images

    4. There was that time you wished you were this World Cup trophy... which he won.

    5. And that time he chipped the goalkeeper and you were like, "WHAT A GOD WHO WOULD DO THAT IN A EUROPEAN CUP SEMI-FINAL"

    6. Pirlo met the Pope and God said it was good.

    Paolo Bruno / Getty Images

    7. There was that three piece suit that wore out your patience for all other men.

    Claudio Villa / Getty Images

    8. And those eyes that made you collapse into your morning espresso.

    Glyn Kirk/AFP / Getty Images

    9. Pirlo cried and you cried. You couldn't hold back and struggled to breathe.

    10. There was that time it rained and his glorious hair FLICKED like a Pirlo midfield pass.

    Giuseppe Bellini / Getty Images

    11. One time he kissed his ring and you immediately googled *pirlo wife* and then realised you had a new enemy in life.

    Michael Urban/AFP / Getty Images

    12. Then there was that time he grew a lip beard and you were like, "I can like lip beards".

    Patrick Hertzog/AFP / Getty Images

    13. This has already become your motto and it's now tattoo'd on your forehead.

    14. And his team-mates know it... he knows it...

    Andreas Solaro/AFP / Getty Images

    15. And now you know it... #PIRLO #FOREVER

    Gabriele Matini / Getty Images

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