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Holy Shit, Japan's PM Just Owned The Olympics Closing Ceremony

This really happened.

Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe made the most insanely Japanese entrance to the Rio Olympics closing ceremony on Sunday, popping up through a large green pipe and wearing a Mario hat.

David Ramos / Getty Images

Abe made the magical entrance ahead of a stunning display of Japanese culture, to showcase the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Patrick Smith / Getty Images

Abe also held aloft a glowing orb that symbolised the red disc at the centre of the Japanese flag...and it was pretty lit.

Patrick Smith / Getty Images

The spectacular arrival of Japan's prime minister was a timely reminder of the absence of Brazil's controversial president Dilma Rousseff.

Rousseff did not attend the opening nor closing ceremonies because she's been accused of illegal accounting practices and will face an impeachment trial due to start later this week.

Everyone couldn't get over how cool Abe's arrival was.

Shinzo Abe dressed up as Mario to close out #Rio2016 lmao let's fucking go.

Like, is this a taste of what's to come for the Tokyo Olympics?

I could be an Olympic Gold medallist in Mario Kart, I reckon.

And all athletes must compete in either mario, luigi, bowser, peach or toad hats.

What if Nintendo manages to partner with the IOC and have game characters for every event? Link for fencing, Yoshi for equestrian...

Abe made a whole lot of new fans.

can't believe shinzo abe was a plumber before becoming prime minister

I used to think Justin Trudeau was a cool PM, but Shinzo Abe just dressed up as Super Mario. Now that's commitment to a gimmick! #Olympics

*checks calendar* OK, who is coming to Japan?

Fuck yeah look at this Japanese section. Avant garde robot heads, thanks for worldwide post-earthquake support and SHINZO ABE AS MARIO. 😍

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