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In 2008, Scott Morrison Argued Aggressively Against Raising The Departure Tax

The treasurer raised the tax by $5 on Tuesday.

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If you missed the news, all flights out of Australia will cost $5 more after the federal government raised taxes to cover its backdown on the "backpacker tax".

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Treasurer Scott Morrison said the departure tax (otherwise known as the "passenger movement charge") would go from $55 to $60 from July 1, 2017.

Morrison's tax increase is to compensate for the government's decision to walk back on its commitment to introduce a 32.5% tax rate for young working visitors to Australia.

But in 2008, Morrison argued aggressively against the government raising the "passenger movement charge" saying it was a "pernicious" tax that would discourage people from coming to Australia.

Scott Morrison once opposed the tax rise he just gave the tourism industry. Here is what he said:

This tax is a pernicious on our aviation and tourism sectors which are already under pressure. Tax increases are designed to discourage consumption and so placing a tax on travel is designed to discourage, I assume therefore, business activity in there travel sector.

You see, before entering politics Morrison was the head of Tourism Australia, which lobbies government for the tourism sector and takes charge of spruiking Australia to the world. Morrison is widely credited as the mastermind behind this timeless campaign.

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Fast forward to today and the Tourism and Transport Forum is furious at Morrison for the departure tax increase , calling it a "cash grab".

“Industry has been completely blindsided by this decision to increase the Passenger Movement Charge by $5 — a 9% hike in the rate," said the TTF's Margy Osmond.

“It is an outrageous situation that the federal government continues to view the tourism industry as a cash cow."

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